Users meeting

Approximately every 2 months we have an open meeting for all users of the Sants Time Bank. Du-ring the meeting:

  • We review the current situation of the Sants Time Bank.
  • We discuss the activities of the agenda and the next workshops.
  • Turn off words.

You can bring some snacks to close the meeting.

Workshops and outing

We offer a wide range or workshops and outing. By checking our social networks, Facebook and Instagram, you can keep up with all the activities.

Trade fairs and commercial exhibitions

The presence at trade fairs and commercial exhibitions are one of the main activities to spread the Sants Time Bank projects in the neighbourhoods.

Want to propose a workshop or activity?

1. Download the activity sheet in any of the available format: .odt o .pdf (in Catalan and Spanish)

2. Follow the instructions to complete it.

3. Send it by email to the Secretaria: