Here you can find examples of the services that you can give and receive in a Time Bank.

Remember that these are just some examples of the exchanges. The Time Bank has lot more potential so, go ahead and make your demands and supply even if they look original to you.

Assistance to people

Assistance to people in general.
Accompanying boys and girls.
Take care of babies, babysitters.
Read to other people.
Accompanying by motorcycle or car…

Services - Assistance to people
Services - Accompanying

Body care and health

Body care in general.
Reflexotherapy, Crystal healing.
Meditation, Yoga, Non-postural Yoga.
Psychology, Psychotherapy.
Relaxation, Tai-chi, Rehabilitation…

Services - Body care and health
Services - Meditation and Yoga

Taking care of animals and plants

Taking care of animals in general.
Arrange the garden and water plants.
Take care of dogs during the holidays.
Cats adoption, counselling…

Services - animals
Services - Plants


Computers in general.
Computer graphic design.
Fix computers.
Web page creation.
Learn how to use the mobile.
Internet search.
Presence in social networks.

Services - Computers
Services - social networks


Administrative tasks.
To learn…
To have fun…
Sport… and much more!

Services - Languages
Services - To learn