The Time Bank promotes the exchange of services and knowledge using the time as a method of payment. No matter what service is exchange. The ultimate purpose of these exchanges is to create a mutual help network and help meet certain needs of the users of the Sants Time Bank.

Time Bank is open to everybody and aims to improve the quality of life, create a space to exchange the time which contributes to the change of traditional stereotypes. Develop an action in our neighbourhood that favours the reconciliation of personal, family and work life, involving all the citizens.

This project seeks to foster social relationships, breaking the isolation and loneliness of urban life and at the same time offering opportunities to solve the needs of everyday life in more egalitarian actions.

Through the exchange of time and favours, friendship will arise, the members will feel more con-nected and the lifelong habit of helping one another neighbour is revived. Many people uses the Time Bank as a therapy. By helping others you increase your self-esteem.

What’s a Time Bank and how it works?